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    END7 Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2020

    More than half a billion children in the developing world have a neglected tropical disease (or NTD). These preventable diseases can keep children from going to school, parents from working and limit any chance families have of lifting themselves out of poverty. Without treatment, they can lead to lifelong disabilities, suffering or death. But we can end these diseases, because we've got the solution.

    We have

    donated medicine that can easily treat, and eventually control and eliminate NTDs

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    will help deliver these medications and support treatment programs for those who need it the most.

    A Donation of Just 50¢

    can treat and protect one child against all seven diseases for one year.

    The Neglected 7 we will end by 2020


    People At Risk 1.2 Billion
    Severe swelling of the extremities or genitals


    People Infected 470 Million
    Leading cause of anemia, malnutrition and learning disabilities

    River Blindness

    People At Risk 169 Million
    Intense itching, visual impairment and blindness


    People Infected 800​ Million
    Malnutrition, anemia, abdominal pain - most common infection in the world

    Snail Fever

    People At Risk 261 Million
    Kidney disease, liver disease, anemia, malnutrition, death


    People At Risk 231 Million
    Visual impairment and blindness - leading cause of preventable blindness


    People Infected 477 Million
    Physical weakness, stunted growth and cognitive development
    100% of the donations to END7 go directly to treatment programs. Donate now!

    With your support End7 has had an impact


    1,000,000 children treated


    700,000 children treated in nine provinces

    Donate now and help provide treatment to millions more
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